Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Graham's First Visit to the ER

Yep, I am afraid so. Yesterday I was at a Mutual activity. I decided to take Graham even though Jon was home, since I'd have to get used to bringing him anyway. It was a combined activity playing sports at Willow Park. One of my girls was watching Graham on a picnic table under a Pavilion. He was sitting on the picnic table and leaned over the end and smacked head first on the concrete. Of course I frantically flipped out as any "first-time mom" does when their baby gets hurt. Luckily he was screaming and held consciousness. Jon just happened to show up right then and we rushed to the ER. I just held him crying, looking at his blue/pale face and was so scared. The whole longest drive ever!!! to the hospital he was really groggy and kept trying to fall asleep. I only knew enough to know I needed to keep him awake. We got to the hospital and were admitted, and by that time he was getting color back and starting to act like himself, playing with Papa. We were there for two hours. Mom and Lindsay came and two brethren from our ward came and gave Graham a blessing. He was so cute and sat so still and reverent the whole time. Then he got a head scan to make sure everything was ok. The tech expected me to have him hold still for 2 minutes so they could get the X-ray. I was like- DREAM ON! Yeah it was more than a struggle. The doctor checked him more and was shocked he didn't have a laceration and need stitches for how far he fell, which was softened by one of the YM's leaders trying to catch him as he fell (but missed) so he just has this nice big scrape on his head. The pictures make it not look as bad as it does. But anyway, everything checked out ok and Graham is back to his normal self. My gosh though it's like one of the worst things you fear come true. I was so glad to have Jon there with me who didn't even flinch through the whole ordeal. He's definately my rock. We had a huge blessing in that it's only a scrape. Now we are praying Graham doesn't take after his "accident-prone" father.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Grandmother's Day and Boating

So Grandma Short had a Grandmother's Day party with her sorority. It was cute and fun. There was a clown that all the kids enjoyed. Ok I did too, mostly cuz I kinda felt bad for him. Afterward we went to Willard with Lindsay's in- laws boat. It was Graham's first time boating. It was looking pretty dismal until the boat got going and then he LOVED it. We went on the Banana together and in my head I am thinking "What the heck am I doing?!!! I'm a horrible mother!!!" And then Graham started giggling. It was so great. He loved to stand at the front of the boat and just look where we were going. It was so fun, but we missed Papa, who had to work. Nonetheless I'm sure it wasn't our last boating trip.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our 3rd Anniversary

My cutest husband ever!!! Haha.
Us awaiting the concert to start. I guess Jon was checking out some Provo girls.
Lead singer, John, Super Hot!! Could lose the V-neck though.
I can't believe it's been 3 years. The best of allof course. I didn't realize another person cold be responsible for making me this happy, ok make that two people. So for our anniversary Jon got us tickets to one of our favortie bands. He I guess is called Secondhand Serenade. The concert was outside at Thanksgiving Point. Aunt Robyn and Aunt Sherri helped us out by babysitting while we went to dinner at Tucanos and then to the concert. We missed our little boy the whole time, but it was a lot easier to feel the love between us without a child screaming in the middle. After the concert the singer, John, came out and talked to all of us. He even gave us high fives. It was awesome, especially wrestling past all the teenage girls. So our anniversary was nothing big but fantastic!!! I love my companion and can't believe I was so lucky to snag him!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

9 months!!!

So 9 months goes by a lot faster when they aren't growing inside of you!!! Who knew Jon and I could make such a gorgeous baby! Maybe I'm just biased. So he is 9 months and is crawling at an incredible rate. He loves watching Baby Einsteins, as shown. He is pulling himself up on EVERYTHING!!!, but not close to walking. He loves to be tickled and is starting to imitate us and play back. He loves to feed himself saltines and puffs. He is so fun and such a joy to have in our lives. We absolutely adore him and if any face could get away with murder, here it is. I never thought being a mom could be this much fun and that I could create something that I could love this much.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Who would've thought...

So guess who just got called to be the new Young Women's President?!!! You got it. I just inherited 14 new babysitters. I am actually really thrilled despite the naiveness I have in all this. I guess since I failed YW the first time around Heavenly Father is giving me a chance to redeem myself. Even though it was not that long ago I was one myself, I swear the whole program is different. Never thought I'd get this calling at 23, so don't you all start thinking you are too young for some callings, cuz BAAAM!!! Time to raise other people's kids! Nonetheless, I really am super excited and am amazed by the Lord's works. So wish me luck! Graham's going to be the first boy to receive his Woman in Excellence (if that's even what they call it anymore).

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Gerber Baby

Yeah I wish that one picture was clearer, but I love these pictures of Graham.