Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yeah Christmas

Yeah Christmas is almost here. I'm really excited to see Graham open presents this year. If you have ever been around him you may have seen the potential in excitement he contains. We had Christmas with Mom, Grandma, and all my siblings on Monday. My mom is very crafty and made all of us quilts. Mine is all covered in jerseys of sports I played throughout my lifetime, containing T-Ball, soccer, Softball, All-stars, and volleyball. It's amazing and a way cool way to "time capsule" those events. Jon's quilt is blue and soooo soft. He wouldn't let me use it for a few days. And Graham got Curious George PJ's (he "Ooo oo, Aaa,aaa"'s when he wears them) and a train that he flipped out over, which he now has to carry everywhere with him. He wants to carry them in the pumpkin from Halloween, but I found a Christmas bag. Can't wait to give him his mini backpack to end that display!!!

Oh yeah and then that whole- the baby will be here soon thing.
It's so different this time around because I don't want him to come early. The further from Christmas the better. And he still is nameless, so I feel a little more detached from him then I did when Graham had more of an identity. So don't make fun of the name we make up in the last hour!!! cuz I have been tormented over this for MONTHS!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! I hope all of yours are as wonderful as can be. Thank you for your friendship!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

So we got a new camera on Black Friday as an early Christmas present, which would've fixed my posting woes---but now our computer is malfunctioning!!!! We can't download ANYTHING so I can't put pictures up again. Hopefully we'll have it fixed by the end of next week.

Yeah I only have (almost) 4 weeks left. Still no boy names. I think that's why Jon is hoping for a surprise girl. Anyway...I'll post again soon maybe something more exciting!!!