Friday, November 13, 2009

The Black Plague is Finally Over

So for the past 2 weeks our home has just been illness ridden. I'm hoping we are all finally over it. Graham started getting sick last Wednesday and Sunday he was crying and whining endlessly. Jon started to become deathly ill that day and I knew he wasn't going to be any help. So I decided rather than put up with this crying all night long I would brave the ER alone. Since we were there 2 weeks before for stitches I was prepared for a long wait. All went well except his symptoms seemed "swine flu like" so the girl tried to tell me I needed to put a mask on him. Yeah, right?! Obviously she has no kids!!! So we were only there for an hour and a half and he has an ear infection. He's never had one before, so I thought we were out of the woods with those issues. (Meanwhile, yesterday Lindsay's kids Kylie and Lexie had their tonsils out and Trey had tubes put in his ears. FUN!)
So he is now acting more like our fun boy again except he's had this whiny bratiness that doesn't seem associated with sickness. He finally will let Jon touch him and hold him. FINALLY!!!

Also we had our YW in Excellence Night on Tuesday and it went beyond perfect. I was so pleased with how all my leaders planned, executed, and helped. It was such a relief from being so stressed in the past.

In baby iron is low, so I am supposed to take pills-BOO! He moves a lot, doesn't have the hiccups everyday like Graham, and likes to tapdance on my blatter. We still have no name. The traditional names are becoming more and more likeable cuz I'm out of options. Just wait til we have the baby and it's some crazy, wierd name like Porkerton. (I don't know). I'm due in January and people look at me like my water is going to break before their very eyes--so YES I am going to get bigger!!! Oh the next appt. is next week so we'll see if there is anything excited to report.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Dino Park

So Monday we went down to Ogden to hang out with our nieces- Tess, Isa, and Harper. We went to the Dinosaur Park. We had never been. Graham LOVED it. All the other kids that went with us had been there tons of times and were running through it all and Graham was like- "Wait a minute! I want to check this out!" I was a little scared it might give him nightmares, but he's having them anyway. We had a blast though.

Diggin' for dinosaur bones

This was his favorite part. He loved feeding the ducks.
(We didn't feed them those fruit snacks.)
By the end of the day he was calling Tess "Tennis". No idea where that came from, but Aimee and I thought it was pretty funny.