Friday, April 23, 2010


So new development. Jon got an amazing internship for the summer in Bingen, Washington. Ever heard of it? (Didn't think so.) So we are moving in 3 weeks. AGH! It is an internship with a company called Insitu that does the unmanned aircraft part to Boeing. Pretty flippin' cool if you ask me. So we will leave Logan for the summer season. I'm pretty sad about missing the derbies, so will Graham. BUT ya'll can't get rid of us that easily. We will be back in August and finish one more yeah of school. So that's the big N E W S! Love and miss you all.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Real Easter Pictures. Happy Easter.

As many of you know Jon recently went to Spain and Israel. He had the opportunity to visit the tomb thought to be where Christ was resurrected. I was in awe at these photos. I hope to one day visit this site. I am so grateful this event happened for us all.

Happy Easter!