Saturday, October 31, 2009


I don't know why, but I was so excited for Halloween this year. I guess since Graham is obsessed with candy that I knew we'd be in store for a crazy night. These pictures are backwards.

Anyone watch "The Office"? Can you guess who Jon is? He is Kevin from the wedding episode with Kleenex boxes for shoes.
Our cute family of 3 1/2. Graham was Squirt from Finding Nemo. I was a peanut M&M. Get it? With my little peanut inside.

This is after the rigorous walking we did at Macey's and the mall. He was so hopped up on sugar before this. And yes this is him sleeping in his toddler bed. It was actually a very painless transition. Only a couple times he'll wake up crying and we'll go in to find him walking around in the dark.

With Nana, or "Nanny" as Graham calls her, at the mall.

That is so Jon's smile!!! We had a great day/night. Went to the ward party and then Trick or Treating in Cobblestone in Nana's neighborhood with Lindsay's kids. He loved running around with the girlies and only started saying "Trick or Treat" and "Happy Halloween" cuz they were. We were practicing for weeks!!! All day he was talking in a growly voice. We thought it was hilarious and couldn't figure where he got that from. Then we watched the Monsters vs Aliens Halloween show for the 12th time and the cockaroach guy growls "Candy". Isn't it fun when you finally find the explanation to your child's behavior?! Anyway, we had such a great holiday and watching Graham's excitment was so fun. I just wish I wasn't so fat so I could run door to door with him without looking like a moron!!! 10 more weeks!!! (Still no name).

Friday, October 23, 2009

Something newsworthy...

So now that I have something to write on my blog...Monday night we spent FHE in the ER. Graham was watching a movie on TV, leaning on the keyboard drawer and it broke down and somewhere along his fall he hit his head on a sharp edge and all of the sudden my child looks like a UFC fighter. He had blood pouring out and pooling in his eye while Jon was holding him. He didn't black out or anything and once we were collected enough to grab him a sucker...all was ok. We waited in the lobby for 30 minutes for a room. I'm pretty sure they had like 20 swine flu people and on top of that I'm sure preparing/disinfecting the rooms is more timely. So we waited in a lobby away from the germed area. Then we were there for about 2 more hours. He got 4 stitches right perfectly in the middle of him forehead. He had to be papoosed (sp?) to a board and a nurse had to hold his head still. I tried giving him comforting words as a mother, like "We're not circumsizing you again. It'll be ok." He did great though. He's the same ol' Graham and is slightly aware of his "owee" (what's the correct spelling of that?!) We'll get them out on Sunday, we'll see how really tramatized of that place he is. Luckily we were like 2 weeks into finally having insurance. Definately counting my blessings.

As for Boy #2 he is growing and moving inside a TON! I love looking at your stomach and thinking a Gremlin could pop out any second. As for me I'm starting to feel big already and Man, Oh Man do I have the worst pregnant brain EVER!!! I remembered at 1:30am last night I had my Dr's appt today. WOW!!! I hope there's something left in there after this pregnancy.

We are preparing to put Graham in a bed, if anyone has any advice on that, send it my way. He and the baby will have to share a room, but we'll save that headache for a while.
And yes, still no name to Boy #2. I'm thinking of offically naming him Boy#2. Some suggestions I get I want to only respond by walking away and seriously contemplating my relationship with that person. So beware!!! to do my pregnant hobbies---crossstitch and watch reruns of Grey's. If only there were more hours in a day!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

So long...

Yes it's been so long since I have shared the great days of our lives. If you have totally fallen off the face of my life we are expecting Baby Boy #2. Just like my friend Traci, we have no idea what to name him. (Sorry for her she had her boy today and as far as I know, still no name.) am due somewhere around January 11, 2010!!! Yeah, next year, so I think I have been trying everythng not to get excited yet cuz really, I'm due next decade! So yeah two boys. I thought our home was crazy already.

I think I have been discouraged to blog because our camera has been broken and I'm pretty sure a blog with just script is pretty boring.

Hopefully before the baby is born we will have the basement finished. I'm So sad/scared to think of putting Graham down there by himself, so we'll see how it goes. He is now two. He's loads of jabber, crazy, fun, and can now outrun my 6-month belly, so we try not to leave the house a lot. Everyday he provides great moments to laugh at and as I have been thinking-There's going to be two of them?! I can't imagine the amounts of trouble and laughter to come. When we found out we were having another boy, my mom-in-law shared my favorite line I've heard. "You know it's a home full of boys when everything is broken, peed on, or becomes a weapon." In all honesty I'll take another boy any day, expecially when I spend so much time with the YW in the ward and see what they will become- Bring on the boys!

Lately Jon has been at school a ton!!! He started the Grad program for Human Resources and he's loving it. For Spring Break next semester they are studying in Barcelona and Jeruselem. I'm quite nervous about the week and probably will move in with Mom. Then next summer we will move for the few months where Jon will work in a paying internship. We have no idea where that will be yet. The smart way to go would be to go back to Vegas, but I really want to live it up and adventure somewhere crazy back east where we would never live long-term. I think it would be way fun to go somewhere random like Texas, Ohio, Maryland, it wouldn't even matter, but the whole cost thing might not make so much sense. I think I'm just kinda desperate to get out of Utah and the Mormon culture (which is different, no arguments) and live in the "mission field" again.

So that's our life at the moment. I'm draggin my fat butt to bed for another awesome sleepless night. I'll try to blog more, but it's going to be plenty boring without pictures. Feel free to donate money to the "Buy Kelsi & Jon a new camera so their blog is worth looking at" Fund. G'night!