Friday, March 27, 2009


So Jon found out last night that he got into the Graduate Program in Human Resources here at Utah State. What a relief? I'm so glad we are not moving yet. I love Logan and all the people I know here. This summer isn't going to be the break that most people are used to. Jon has to take a bunch of business classes before he starts the program so it looks like his schedule will be class from 8-5ish and then he'll go to work. So maybe Graham and I will just take off and visit all our friends all summer. Just kidding. Here starts another new adventure!!!, but he'll be done in 2 years! Yeah!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cali here we come!!!

Graham and I are heading to California today to visit my dad! We are going with my sister and her 4 kids. It's always an adventure when kids outnumber adults...x3!!! I'm just excited to get out of snow for a few days. We really haven't left Logan much this winter. Hopefully I get a lil tan!!! See ya soon!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Graham's buddies

So here are some pics I juggled the camera to get on our computer.
This is my friend, Breann's son, Micah. I've been watching him every Thursday while she goes to work. Graham likes to show him how to play with certain toys and now calls him "Kaka".
This is actually my newest nephew, Treyden. We love this little boy. It's so fun havng them live so close.

The other night we had a game night with some friends. We were having way too much fun and it was way past kids bedtimes so we huddled them in front of the TV and went about our fun!
Mason, Braxton, and Macenzie

How the?...

So I went to take a picture of Graham the other day and noticed something different about our camera. There is a switch that changes from taking a picture and then viewing past ones. Well the button that you move to switch it is GONE!!! No idea if Graham bit it off and ate it or what. So it's like impossible to change it and press buttons on the mouse to download them onto the computer. So that is why there are posts with no pictures these days.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bored... I like to blog, but hate trying to figure out how to make it cute. I have no patience to have someone come over and try to teach me either, cuz it just makes me mad that you have to cut and paste and why is it so hard to me?! So you get to enjoy my ugly blog until I grow room for some patience.

Speaking of stupid shows on TV- I with the rest of America, am not very happy with Jason Mez-I'mastupidhead. Can't wait for tonight to see what other ridiculousness I've been addicted to the past few months. We watched him on Jimmy Kimmel last night and it was hilarious! Jimmy asked Jason if he was going to trade in his son for a blonde kid. It was great.

So...Graham decided on Friday he is going to start throwing tantrums and I am THRILLED by this development. He begins nursery this week or something and I'm quite nervous about that for some reason, even though by now I know that our hallways are 162 bricks long by 78 bricks wide. (Cuz I've been chasing him around them every Sunday for the past year.)

Jon and I are coming up on our 4th anniversary and it's so exciting to me. I love the relationship we have. It makes me sad to witness marriages where there's so much negativity. I have a new saying for that..."Your marriage is what you make it." It makes a lot of sense to me, hopefully you too, but I have seen where wives will rip their husbands and they can't do anything right. How do those wives expect to see anything positive when their pores ooze with that negativity. When I hear a friend going off about how awful their spouse is it makes me so tired and almost angry! So ask yourself- am I a friend I would want to listen to all day? I hope I am. I think the best thing Jon and I have is our humor. It gets us through a lot, so much that sometimes I wonder how healthy that is. So...these are my thoughts today.