Friday, October 31, 2008


So Graham was Superman for Halloween. I thought it would be fun if we all stuck to the theme so I dressed as Lois Lane and Jon was Lex Luther. I went to DI and found a nice pant suit, but then everyone assumed I was Sarah Palin. At our Trunk-or-Treat a man from the ward dressed as John McCain. He thought I was Sarah Palin on purpose so we decided to snap a pic for the campaign!!! Luckily I had a backup name tag so I became either at the flip of the paper. It was a really fun Halloween and the ward party was super fun!!! This other picture is us going around the mall.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Alex Boye

This summer as I got to attend Youth Conference we had a special guest speaker. It may have been the best thing I had ever heard at a church function. His name was Alex Boye. He is a singer, originally from England. He used to be in a boyband that was pretty popular back there called "Awesome". He told us all about his story of becoming a member. We are now blessed to have him in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. He said he is the only person that didn't have to audition, which is apparently a 9 month process. As I was cruising blogs I found this video on my friend's page.

I have never felt the Spirit in my home more than I did after watch and listening to this video where he sings "I Know My Redeemer Lives". JUST WATCH IT. I know most people may skip over this, but just watch it and listen once. There's worse things you've wasted 6 minutes on!!!!
I love this man!!!!

(Sorry I am too retarded to stream the video)

Mommy's Little Helper

Graham is FINALLY pullin' his weight around here! he is so smart!!! And yes I know I am biased!
All these posts are for you crazy bored people who keeping buggin me to update my blog!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So we bought this jacket before Graham was born and it's been my favorite piece of wardrobe. It "almost" fits. It's 12-18 months, Graham is 14, yes he is a half-pint.

He was trying to put Jon's sock on so I helped him out. Then he could barely walk straight with it on, like it was curving him to the right. It was funny.

Jon wanted Graham to know how Mama felt having a big belly "with child". Too bad you couldn't see him try to bend over. It was probably just as entertaining as watching me when my belly was that big.
*I love the volleyball in the background of two of those pictures. It's like Where's Waldo. Graham ventured down to the basement and brought it upstairs with him.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Diaper Rashes SUCK!

So Graham's "B.M.s" have not been so lovely lately and he developed the worst diaper rash. Well thanks to my awesome sister-in-law with the best advice EVER, I thought I would share them. When it comes to awful diaper rash I made these homemade wipes on the right. Cut a paper towel roll in half and take out the core. Shove it in a tupperware. Mix 2 cups of water with 2 T. baby oil and 2 T. baby wash and pour it inside. Flip upside down and PRESTO!!! Super inexpensive, hyper sensitive baby wipes. It worked so well. His rash was TONS better within 24 hours. As for these questionable shot drinks- it's like a little yogurt drink and that whole pkg is like 88 cents. Graham loves them. Beware of your children biting them though cuz the plastic seperated and pinched Graham's mouth.
My little piglet!

This is out our backyard window. I love the colors that come this time of year. These neon colors of yellow and my favorite are these trees and bushes that turn this crazy magenta color. Pictures don't do them justice, but I promise you'll never see anything like this nature in Vegas (not assisted by lightbulbs).

Thursday, October 23, 2008

80 has never looked so beautiful!!!

My Grandma Short turned 80 today. We had a party down in SLC at Little America for her. It was a good time. She is so beautiful and I'm glad I have her genes for my 80 year old looks!!! LOVE YOU GRANDMA!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Peterson Family Reunion

This is everyone's attempt to get Grandma Great's great grandkids together. Graham was just looking around at all the kids crying like- What's the big deal!? It was hilarious

We went to St. George for the Peterson Reunion. It was such a good time. There was like 65 people there. My family's reunions are nothing like that. The weather was beautiful and Grammy did a great job planning. These pictures are in the big blowup castle. It was so fun to get to know everyone better. Thanks Grammy and Grampy!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Graham's just workin' on his car. Haha. We got him this car for his birthday and he adores it so much the batteries already wore out. So after I got through changing them I stumbled upon this. Man I sure love this little boy!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Night that Graham Decided to Walk...

So last night we were over at my sister's and I guess watching his 3 nieces running around inspired him to walk across the room to me at her house. Of course, Jon was at work so when he got home I was telling him how far he had walked and no more than 5 minutes later he walked further to me again. And that's where it started. First it was back and forth from me to Jon. Then he just started walking around the entire house, going to Jon but veering into the kitchen, turning around and coming back. This went on for an hour while Jon and I just laughed through tears. This went on for about an hour. He was sweating so bad. It was so funny. So here's a little look at our walking midget.