Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I have to laugh and acknowledge that the "Most Responded to" post on my blog is the one about Bear Grylls. sure got all of you excited.

Along with that I thought I would post what I watch during the week so if you watch it we can get all excited together.

The Amazing Race- LOVE IT!
The Bachelor- He should've sent Molly home, but I still like Melissa, she reminds me of my friend Beth.
Heroes- Jon got me into this. You have to start from the beginning. But it's awesome! You can never even come close to guessing what happens next.
Two and a Half Men-Kind of a crude show, but the humor is what got me out of my postpartum days.
House-I have been a fan for a long time. How can you not love House? and Wilson? and 13? and I can't remember his name? And Chase is hott? And Cutty and House need to get together already!
The Biggest Loser- I love Bob and Jillian. I don't know whose team I would prefer to be on. I like Tara and the Brown team the best.
NCIS-When I get to watch it. I love it, the characters are so funny, but yet it's a serious show.
American Idol-Sometimes I watch this against my will. Thank heavens Hollywood Week is over! Hate the new judge, but LOVE Danny Gokey!
American Idol, again
Lost-Why we are still watching this show- I DON"T KNOW! I think we, like the rest of America, is waiting for it to make sense. I hate this show. Jon refuses to start watching it until we have the whole season recorded on our DVR.
Thursday aka Best Night of the Week
Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice-I have always loved Private Practice and when they combined them it was like the impossible dream I never dared to dream came true!!! I love the very attractive cast. My favorite character would have to be Bailey, or McSteamy- I mean he's hott!!! I'm sad that I heard that Izzy isn't going to be on the show much longer. I'm glad the whole Denny thing is over, but I don't want her to die! One thing that Grey's could do without is all the lesbian crap! I hate it. Back to things I like- how 'bout the men on Private Practice? SO HOT- minus Cooper, but he's charming. I love Charlotte and Violet.
The Office- Jon's into this more than I am, but I still watch it for some laughs. Can you imagine having Michael Scott as your boss?! Jon wants to go into HR and he says he would love being over Michael. HAH!
Hell's Kitchen- I love Gordon Ramsey. Yes, he has the worst mouth ever, luckily it's bleeped very well. I would cry in a heartbeat, but there is a sad form of entertainment in watching someone else be humiliated. Can't stand Lacey or the Cooking class lady.
Survivor-Love this show. Only one episode in if you're interested. Why does there always have to be a Mormon guy. And what does he do the first episode? Be the first one to get naked! REALLY?! Pretty sure that's not what we're about.
Howie Do it-This show is pretty funny. They are so mean though. The funeral bit is inhumaine, yet people do it still. There is one I always FFRWD cuz it's too awful to watch.
Supernanny-I love watching this show. It's refreshing to learn things that I can do in my own home. It's also kind of uplifting to know I'm not that bad of a parent, yet. Everyone who has kids should watch this show. They have such great ideas, even if you do have well-behaved children.
Can't think of anything but I get so excited that it'll start all over tomorrow! Yes, this is the life of a stay-at-home mom. Can't forget Ellen everyday too. And Celebrity Apprentice is starting March 1 so I'm really excited for that.
So through this post I admit all my sins in what I find entertaining, but I don't care what you think! Because more than likely YOU are watching it too!
*Let's see how many replys I get to this post.
(Yes I know I'm pathetic)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day + some extra

My cute boys!!!!

Seriously, can you not smile back at that face?

Yes, I woke up to breakfast made by my boys. Apparently Graham had a blast helping Dad pour the water into the pancake mix and stirring it. Jon obviously has his Dad's "shaped pancakes" talent. (It's a heart! Get it?) I love my husband and lately I realize how much I love my life. Being a mom is so rewarding. I just watch Graham everyday and laugh. He's so much fun to watch grow and learn. Then I think about the relationship I have with Jon. He is beyond amazing and I attribute the good things in myself to him. He makes me want to be the wife he deserves. He is my best friend and we have so, somtimes too much fun together. I love our life and I wouldn't change a thing- not even money (which I always worry about). And of course I am blessed to be a member of the LDS church. There is so much hope in knowing what we know as Latter-day Saints. Most of all, to know I will be with these incredible boys (+ some others down the road) not only in this life, but eternity. I feel so blessed to be married to such an amazing man and be given the opportunity to raise the most fun and energetic little boy! I am grateful for what I have- even when I start complaining about the dishes that load up EVERYDAY, I just think-"At least we have food to eat to mess all these dishes". And I am grateful for YOU, because more than likely if you are reading this we are friends and I LOVE my friends! No matter how often we talk. I hope your Valentine's Day was filled with much love!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bear Grylls

Heck yeah I just added Bear Grylls's blog as my friend! He's freakin' hott and awesome. If you've never seen "Man vs Wild" I highly recommend it. He's pretty easy on the eyes...even when he's covered in sludge, drinking his own urine, or killing snakes. The show is these extreme situations when you are lost in the middle of the Sahara or Antartica, what you do to survive, he's done one in Utah. Anyway...if you ever need more TV...