Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Adventure

So, apparently Graham is allergic to tomatoes. These new things we learn are always fun. In our backyard we are growing a few things and we have 2 different types of tomato plants. A week ago I gave him a bite of what was left from making a sandwich and he loved it. Then today I gave him a piece of another one left over and after a few minutes his face started getting these horrible blotches and rashes! It was crazy! He was breathing fine so I didn't feel the need to go to the doctor so I threw him in the tub to wash it all off. It was the strangest thing! Luckily the spots went away. He looked like he'd been in a fistfight. So the mystery may be that he is allergic to one of the types and not to the other that we have growing in the backyard. This will be fun through life, "Hello McDonald's does that salad have Big Beef Tomatoes or Big Boy? Because my son is allergic to just Big Beef." Oh! Good times.

Monday, August 18, 2008

My Sweet Lil Boy

My sweet little boy Zzzzing away
Look at that precious face!
And yes, he sleeps with his eyes a little bit cracked open.