Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What we have been up to...

Graham really likes lemon juice, but not when I mix it with sugar and water for lemonade. Colin gets cuter and cuter. Jon swears he looks exactly like me. What's your vote?

(Don't just count the scowl!)

Oh yeah...and this. Graham is fascinated by all the new baby toys. And apparently the things for Mom too. I'm just glad I have this blackmailing photo for his whole life!!!

So yes, we just hang out at home all day, still trying to figure out life. Jon occasionally joins us. The poor guy. I love him so much. It's hard on all of us having him gone so much, but he is working so hard to provide a fabulous future for our family. I can only admire and love him for that.
We're starting to slowly function back into society. I always realize I need a new wardrobe. Ah, one day. Thank you to those of you who have contributed to my sanity- most of all my mom and sis. Lindsay is nice enough to let me come crash her nights and just have adult conversation while Graham plays with his cousins. They are so cute together and so fun to have so close. My cousins and I only really got together around Thanksgiving at the Ranch so it's fun to see my kids will have more than that for the time being.

Jon is leaving the country for almost two weeks as a study abroad for HR to Jeruselem and Barcelona next month. The boys and I will be escaping to Vegas. I am really excited to have his family's help, see my Dad, and maybe most of all see the sun again and feel it's warmth. I can only dream of it now. (Do I even own shorts?) We have decided to stay an extra semester so Jon can also get him MBA. It will be so cool for Jon to be able to complete an extra Masters Degree in just one semester. We couldn't pass up the opportunity. So we plan to be in Logan at least until Summer of 2011.

Sorry I don't post much. Colin doesn't let me set him down, but my mission this week was to be able to do more of that. So far- we're doing better. If only he would sleep laying down by himself at night. I love seeing other people's kids who are a few months older and thinking...oh it gets better. Graham being 2 doesn't help that insight much right now. But watching him play with Colin makes me so excited for them to grow up together. Colin will be on the ground crying and Graham will sit next to him and say "Sorry" "You okay". And of course he shares his trains as shown above.
Thank you to everyone for help, meals, and gifts. They are much appreciated!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Ok all my friends with blogs....

It's looking like everyone is going Private on their blogs or "Readers Only" or whatever. Well I am blog-challenged and now I don't know how to view any of yours. Is there something I need to do other than be signed in? Help me please...