Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ok I finally cried a little...

I went to get Graham after his nap yesterday and the first thing he says is "I want Tess". "I want Yucky" (Lexie). Those are his cousins. I tell him they are at their houses in Utah. Then he says "I want Bracky" "I want Mason" "I want Josh". I explain that his friends are back in Utah too and it's really far away. He repeatedly asks for them and I expain again. Then he slumps his shoulders, drops his head and with the most pouty face and eyes says quietly " I want to go home". I started to cry--just a little. I felt so bad my little boy was so sad and missing all the little ones in his life that he loves. So you are all missed. We have been here like 3-4 weeks and that's the closest I have come to crying, so I think I am doing pretty good. Admit would cry too with those big blues so sad.

Brothers in Graham's bed
Our backyard deck. We play on it often cuz it's usually raining and it's covered.


Melissa said...

Love the pictures! If it helps any, it's only been raining here too. Hope your doing well.

Susie said...

I miss them so much! Colin looks so big!

Brooke said...

Oh so sad! That is sweet that he misses them all so much. Poor kid. Any friend prospects there?

Amanda said...

Your boys are so cute..That is sad for Graham. I hope you guys are doing well, looks like you guys got a lot going on. I wish we saw you guys more. Maybe when you get back we can get hang out more:)

Hulberts said...

Yep, I have tears in my eyes. We never go by your house anymore because the sadness then spreads to Mason and he gets way too sad that Graham isn't there.

Nicole Norris said...

I would have cried too. I hope the time goes quickly and you are back with your friends and family soon.

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I hope you guys are doing well, looks like you guys got a lot going on. I wish we saw you guys more.

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