Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our 1st Adventures

Our first weekend we decided to go to the Sturgeon Fish Hatchery, which is 4 miles up the road. There is a dam there too, but it started to rain past our comfort level so we just headed home after. Colin slept the ENTIRE time...score! And Graham absolutely loved it!
Graham loved feeding the fish. These are small rainbow trout.
This is a sturgeon. They are ugly! but HUGE!!!! I didn't know fish could get this big and not be sharks. They have one names "Herman" that is 83 years old, 10 feet long, and 450 lbs!!! I was shocked when I saw him. We didn't get a good picture to get the full effect, so you'll just have to come see for yourself. Graham kept calling them sharks.
Graham was a bit scared at first. He wouldn't take his eyes off them to look at the camera.
Seriously, my new favorite color is green. Know why?
Our neighbors gave us their double stroller, for which I am sooo grateful.
Part of the hatchery. There were no fish in there during this season.
So that was our first weekend. Today we went "to town" and saw Shrek 4. It was ok. Graham wasn't as impressed and I understand why the reviews were so bad, but I don't regret seeing it. We really wanted to go see "How to Train Your Dragon" but it isn't showing around here anymore. Monday Jon has off, which has never happened. His brother, Danny, wife Annarose and their little girl, Tula, live in Eugene. It is only 2 1/2 hours away so they are coming out to visit. I am very excited for familiar faces. I don't know what we'll do here to entertain them, which means we'll have more fun coming up with our own ideas. Nonetheless I know Graham will be excited. I can tell he definately misses his friends, cousins and grandparents. He talks about his friends Bracky, Mason, and Josh back home all the time. He asks for his cousins Tess and Lexie often. He wants to call Grammy all the time. Bless her heart I love her, she talked to him for about an hour the other day. He didn't want to hang up and kept bothering me to call her back for an hour, so he stole my phone, ran into his room, somehow called her and said "Hey, what are you doing?". How could I be mad? He misses his Nana too. Every older woman figure he sees he has to stop and strike up a conversation and then wants them to hold him and not leave. It's starting to be sad.
Through it all we are having a blast and loving it here. Already I have been thinking of when we return to Utah I will be sad. I know I will miss the beauty of the landscape here and just the love for the outdoors and things to do. I'll just have to be less of a homebody when we move back. We miss and love all our friends and family and welcome any who want to visit. I'll be better about blogging than I have because this is our only connection to our world back home. Love you all!


Jenny Erazo said...

we can't wait for you guys to come home! (Alex can though. He LOVES making money:)

Anonymous said...

nice family:)wish your happiness:)find me on fb...(jwan nour)...

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