Monday, June 7, 2010


Colin started solids. At first he would give you this face- disgusted and betrayed. He wouldn't move his mouth or toungue at all. 2 weeks in he;s doing better and loves to eat.
He loves playing in his bouncer but mostly with his feet. It's really funny.
More of cute. Colin's funny dopey ears. Graham's little turtle mouth.
Again...loves playing with his feet.
This was the boys after Stake Conference. Think Colin wants to go home?
Graham hiding in the bushes after church.
I tried to rotate this. This is Graham at naptime. He loves this little crevice between his bed and the wall. Those puzzles were just too tiring to do.
It doesn't look like this everyday, but Graham loves to rip the coach apart and make a
"taw-ee" (tower). Mama hates cleaning it up, but it keeps him quiet and happy.


Hulberts said...

Ha ha! They are funny and cute! Mason sat here and looked at all the pictures with me. He kept saying "Graham and Mason." I'm pretty sure he misses his friend.

Susie said...

I miss them so much! I'm so excited to see them again!

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