Friday, June 11, 2010

5 years

5 years ago today I married the most amazing person. I love him so much and we have done many amazing things in these past 5 years. To date we have lived in 3 states, completed 2.75 college degrees, vacationed in Hawaii, cruised to Jamaica, Haiti, Mexico, and Grand Cayman, had two of the cutest little boys ever, and many other noteable things. As I reflected on what we have done for all our anniversaries here is what we have done (more for my documentation than yours). Year one we drove to Lava Hot Springs and stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast place and even played Bingo. Year Two I was pregnant with Graham. We went down to SLC and had dinner at The Roof and stayed in the loft. Year Three we went to dinner in Bountiful at Sego Lily Cafe (yum!) and went to Secondhand Serenade in concert. Year Four Susie came and watched Graham and we went and stayed at Sherwood Hills for the night. This year, being in Oregon, we don't know anyone so had to celebrate with our kids. It wasn't so bad. We went to dinner in Hood River to the Riverside Grill that had a beautiful view of the river. The kids behaved very well and the food was great. Then Jon drove me to this spot on the Washington side that overlooked the gorge. It was beautiful. It was finished with Jon and Graham picking me some beautiful wild flowers.
I feel so blessed to be married to a man I know I can love for eternity. He is such a compassionate person who I can cry with and then be laughing in a matter of seconds. He always buries my worries with the realization of the priority of things. For me that's a huge blessing. I can't begin to describe what a wonderful father he is to our children, but if you have ever seen him with ANY kids, there are no words needed to describe it. I feel so lucky everyday and on those few days I don't--I just remember his numerous great qualities and it easily dillutes the annoyances. So many marriages and relationships we see in life at this time are filled with annoyances, grudges, and petty arguments. I'm glad to have a friend that I can share the delight in loving our husbands still and that being ok. When I talk with some friends they always are talking about what their husbands have done to make them mad lately. And then when I share something I loved that Jon did I tend to get a wierd reaction of "Well good for you". I am here to state "IT'S OK TO LOVE YOUR SPOUSE and brag about it!" Let's change that stigma of whining to our girlfriends about what our spouse did wrong and start focusing on their positive qualities for why we married them. This is my soapbox, but it's my blog so there....

I love you Jon!!! Thanks for being the most amazing husband and father.


Nicole Norris said...

Congrats on the 5 year anniversary!

Brokensmilee07 said...

I was browsing blogs and came upon yours! I really agree with you in this post. When i am lucky enough to find my best friend and marry him, I will remind him, my friends, and everyone who will listen everyday how lucky we are, You two are a beautiful couple and have a beautiful family! Congratulations :)

Victoria from Texas

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